Creative Play Quick Tip: Celebrate New Flavors!

You know what to do: You buy healthy foods, you make sure they get their veggies, you sit together as a family. . . . But the real secret ingredient to raising healthy eaters? Attitude! To instill a healthy attitude toward food in your family, lead by example: Embrace a variety of healthy foods, let yourself laugh while you cook together, and enjoy the adventure of trying new things. Make a special date every once in a while to go to an unfamiliar restaurant, or let your child choose any item in the produce department or farmer’s market. Have fun finding ways to be healthy. And remember to celebrate new discoveries and applaud a positive attitude at the snack table. Their healthy bodies will be your reward!

“Ga! Maga!” (Translation: “Until I’m allowed to eat sushi in real life, I rely on food toys and pretend play to lay the groundwork for healthy eating habits in the future. Maga!”)  Pictured: Melissa & Doug Sushi Slicing Play Set.  Special thanks to our Instagram follower vlcmchk13 for the adorable shot!


  1. Love the sushi set!


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