Make a Wish (List!)— New Gift Registry Service from Melissa & Doug!

What’s on your kid’s wish list? Now, with the new Gift Registry service from Melissa & Doug, you can create and share your wish list with family and friends!

Perfect for out-of-town relatives and friends, an online gift registry can be helpful for people who may not see your kids very often, and therefore don’t know what toys your child already has. It’s also a great tool for around the holidays, or other special occasions! Use our gift registry service for:

  • Holiday gifts
  • Baby shower
  • Birthday party
  • School supplies
  • Rewards gifts (for use with responsibility charts)
  • And more!

How Does Gift Registry Work?

Gift registry is a free service from Melissa & Doug and Once you sign up, you have the option to browse our website and add items to your registry (see the image below). You can then share your registry with family and friends online or via your social media profiles.

Easy, organized, and useful all year round, we think you’ll get a lot of use out of this Gift Registry! To learn more, check out our Gift Registry site and start a wish list with your child today!


  1. Pretty bath and body soaps, lotions, bath salts wrapped in lace is a pretty good idea for Baby shower.