Stacy Shares: Developing A Unique Style

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“How influential are you in helping your child develop a unique personal style?”   – Stacy

developing a unique style

Even at a very young age, my children responded to certain types of clothing more than others.

was I blinking for a minute, he seems so big here ... where does the time go?
My oldest son (6) is very detail-oriented. He likes to look good and appreciates the style he gets from a fresh polo shirt, or the polish he feels when he puts on a clean tee and a button down. He doesn’t care so much, at least not now anyway, about brand names or where the clothes come from . . . as long as they are unique and special, and come together into outfits only he could create.

Dude! It's been that kind of a week ...
My youngest son (3) is the total opposite. He dresses purely for comfort and would prefer if all clothing were made of fleece, knit, or jersey. Really. To him pants should never have buttons and sleeves should never be long. (Thank goodness we live in Texas!)

This girl kills me with her style: BDU top, chevron print tunic/dress & faded jeans. 100% her. The smile is my favorite accessory ;)
My daughter (5) does style in a very different way. She responds to color and pattern, choosing her clothing and outfits based on her mood and what makes her happy. Her current favorite combo is a chevron tunic, a camo top, and an old knit belt she wraps haphazardly around her neck (making her look like a modern-day Amelia Earhart–I love it!). I am fascinated with how she feels her way through life and constantly surprised by how this quiet girl finds ways to express herself proud and loud through art and fashion.

Watching them grow in to their own unique styles has even helped me define my style as a mom. They’ve all had a hand in teaching me the most important style lesson of all–dress in what makes you feel good and you will always look fabulous!

My daughter has mastered her closet, but I thought it would be fun to do a little designing with her and she where all that love of color and pattern could take us.

She put her thinking cap on and we got to work using Melissa & Doug’s Fashion Design Activity Kit.

She didn’t let me down!

We cut some plain paper in half and grabbed a box of colored pencils, and the ideas just kept coming.

She was so opinionated and eager to make her girls stand out. Her favorite piece in the set was the flowered pants; she wanted each flower to be a different color every time she used them. Sometimes she stuck in the same color family, once she even went ombre (I don’t think she even knows that’s a real thing!) and sometimes she went 100% rainbow. (I can tell I am going to have to find her some flower pants now!)
We ended up designing a whole team of female superheroes called The Helper Girls! Who knows, maybe they’ll make an appearance in a post someday soon. Until then, my little fashion designer has her eye on this fashion set next …

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  1. I love this article Stacy! I am totally going to get the girls this design kit! So fun!

  2. I can’t wait to design outfits with my daughter! She is only 3 and already knows all about matching 😉 watch out if the same color doesn’t appear in her top and bottom and even her shoes now!

  3. Molly Bagshaw says:

    It’s amazing how kids so young have their own sense of style, i was into fashion from a really young age and wanted everything i wore to be completley unique and for noone else to have it!, when i grew up i got really into brands like iron fist clothing and criminal damage, maybe your kids will apprichiate the unique designs as much as i do when theyre older, these are my latest purchase i love them so much

  4. I remember playing with a similar toy when I was a kid! This looks so fun. I might even enjoy playing along!! Love your kids’ variety in fashion.

  5. Oh what fun – I remember coming up with an entire fashion line when I was in middle school, it was a blast! My 3 year old often dresses like a rainbow threw-up on her…sometimes I pretend to be embarrassed, but really I LOVE it!!

  6. I love seeing outfits my kids put together and usually let them wear what they choose unless it’s too crazy for Church or something. That reminds me of the was it Barbie? fashion design toy from when I was younger. I think I’m putting this on my 6 year olds Christmas list.

  7. What an awesome drawing 🙂

  8. I think my kids dress purely to try to embarrass me. They go out of their way to not match and wear each others clothes which clearly don’t fit them.