Weekly Blog Round-Up: Embracing Make-Believe Play!

This week on the Melissa & Doug blog, we challenged you to add make-believe to your family’s to-do list. And what a wonderful week it was as a result!  From an imaginary horseback ride to some fantastic play ideas posted on our Facebook page, we are so thrilled that you enjoyed this topic as much as we did.

In case you missed any of this week’s posts, here are some Pretend Play ideas from the blog to incorporate into your weekend activities!

Embracing Make-Believe Play


In our “kickoff” post we cover a few ways that you can help your children explore their imagination. Some ideas included:

  • Giving them role-play sets or homemade costumes
  • Making your own props (Save those paper-tower rolls!)
  • Pulling in real objects from around the house (Whisk and bowl, anyone?)

4 Play Ideas Using Puppets

Popular stars of pretend-play are puppets. These props can help foster some very powerful imaginative thinking, while exploring emotional and language skills, too. This puppet-themed blog post rounds up 4 of our favorite activities – like the Puppet Cooking Show pictured here!

Pretend Play Props: Accessorize (without the mess!)

What fun is dress-up without a little bling? This activity from Blog Ambassador Allie is an easy, mess-free craft for your little princess to help make her playtime even more sparkling.

“Say Ahhhh” (The animal hospital is open!)

Engage your children in pretend play by using their favorite companions. In Val’s Crafty Corner, she shares how an Animal Hospital can be a wonderful imaginative playtime activity for your child and her stuffed animals. Using clipboards and crayons or markers to “monitor patient activity” is great for a little writing practice, too! See the full post for some adorable playtime ideas.

Thank you to all the contributions to this week’s blog theme! Feel free to e-mail any activities from the weekend with us in the comments below, or send to SocialMedia@MelissaAndDoug.com.