5 New Ways To Use : Geometric Stacker

Written by Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador Allison McDonald

This educational idea is brought to you by Melissa & Doug , written by our Blog Ambassador Allison McDonald. “Everyday play is what childhood should be about.”

Geometric Stackers were always classroom favorites while I was teaching preschool. They offer so many ways to teach children in one simple toy. Now that I am a mom I appreciate this even more because with limited budgets and space having one toy that goes so far is ideal.

Geometric Stacker Toddler Toy

The obvious way to use a geometric stacker is to simply deconstruct it and place the shapes back on the holder biggest to smallest. But with a little creative thinking you can make the learning go so much farther. Here are 5 new ways to teach sorting with this classic toy. First you’ll want to make one big pile of shapes.

Geometric Stacker Pieces

  1. Sort by shape.Geometric Stacker 3 groups
  2. Sort by colorGeometric Stacker Color Groups
  3. Place them in size orderGeometric Stacker Circle of Pieces
  4. Make a RainbowGeometric Stacker Rainbow
  5. Go topsy turvy and place them on the holder smallest to largest. Geoetric Stacker Upside Down

Can you think of another way to sort them?


  1. Love these ideas. We just got the geometric stacker a few weeks ago, so I will try some of these ideas.

  2. Make patterns!

  3. Thanks so much! I pinned this to my toddler activities board and when I ran out of ideas of what to do I came back to your post and we had a great time using our geostacker in new ways!