Creative Play Quick Tip: Tell the “Worst” Story Ever!

This creative play idea is the silliest game of one-upmanship ever . . . and a great way to lighten the mood after school, or when things are getting a little too serious!

The rules are simple: The first storyteller tells the group a made-up event in his or her day. Everyone after that has to top it.

For example:

  • Mom: I wore mismatched socks to work today.
  • Sister: You think that’s bad? I wore my skirt upside-down!
  • Dad: You think that’s bad? I wore my shoe on my head.
  • Brother: You think that’s bad? I left my head at the breakfast table!

Add an “artsy” twist by drawing a picture of the very worst story. (A basic set of art supplies is all you need.) You can also sneak some learning Paper sheetsinto your creative play: Build vocabulary and writing skills by writing the “winning” sentence on Storytelling Paper or by adding labels to the picture. Then post the “winning” pictures on your family “wall of shame”! You can draw inspiration for the next round from a themed drawing pad: A Complete the Picture Pad is perfect for helping set the scene for your terribly silly adventures.

Remember: Keep each turn as simple and silly as possible! It’s your choice whether the starter stories are made up or true—either way, this creative game is certain to end in laughter, family bonding, and a whole new perspective on everyday “disasters.”


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What creative play tips would you add to this list, or what crazy stories have your kids come up with?
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