Creative Play Quick Tip: Play Food Is Good for You!

Want a fun after-school activity? Get your kids involved in meal planning by using play food to act out healthy habits! Here are three of our favorite ways to play with food toys—with a lunchbox spin for back to school!

Pack it up: Encourage your kids to have fun with nutrition by letting them pack a lunchbox or brown paper bag with play food. (If you don’t have toy versions, try drawing different types of food on index cards or cut pictures out of a magazine.) Make it a game by scoring each meal based on its nutritional value!

Pick it up: Guide your kids toward healthy choices by stocking each (play) food group in a different container. Give them a recipe for a healthy snack, such as “1 fruit, 1 protein” and let them check off their choices as they pack their lunches.

Run it in: Hold a mad dash for healthy choices by placing all the “foods” in a pile in the middle of the room, then giving each child a 10-second turn to stuff as many foods as possible in his or her lunchbox. Award points to each player for nutritious foods and deduct for sugary snacks.

Then take a break for a real snack to celebrate all you’ve learned! Bon appetit.  (For snack ideas, visit our Bon Appetit board on Pinterest!)

For more insights about play food, check out this video from Melissa!