Creative Play Quick Tip: Reward the Everyday!

Creative Play Quick Tip: Rewarding the Everyday!

Take a day to celebrate your family by making a big deal out of even little achievements. Everyone will appreciate the applause, and your little “Olympians” may even be motivated to be extra-helpful to up Olympic Medal Kids Craft from Blog Ambassador Allison of NoTimeForFlashCards.comtheir medal count! This simple Olympic Medal craft makes it easy to spread that winning feeling:
Using a coffee can or other cylinder as a template, help your kids trace circles on a piece of construction paper, poster board or a paper plate. Punch a hole through the top and thread a ribbon through to complete the basic medal. Then let the kids decorate the medals any way they choose! Have fun filing the medals with color and adding funny themes, such as “Hide & Seek Champ,” “Best Bathtime Hair-Do” or “Best Knock-Knock Joke.”
Markers, crayons and paint are a creative way to customize each one. Or help fuel their imaginations with a Stamp or Sticker Collection—with cute illustrations and kid-friendly themes, your family’s medals may even inspire creative competitions . . . and lots of fun!
Check out Olympics Medal Kids Craft by blog ambassador Allison for some more great ideas. She used paper plates, glitter paint and ribbon. Don’t they look fantastic? This little one certainly thinks so!