Honor Counselor Adrienne’s Camp Journal: Olympic Torch Game

Camp Sunny Patch Honor Counselor Olympic Torch GameCamp Sunny Patch honor counselor Adrienne puts a cool  twist on our Session 9 activity, Olympic Torch Game!

Hi! I’m Adrienne from The Iowa Farmer’s Wife. I don’t know about you, but we are super excited about the Olympics at our house! We had a blast giving Amy’s own creative Summer Olympic Torch Game from Camp Sunny Patch Session 9 a little flare of our own! Download the original version here

Olympic Torch Game Obstacle Course
Before we got started on our obstacle course, we had to create a torch! We used:
Olympic Torch Game
Camp Sunny Patch - Olympic Torch Game Obstacle Course for Kids
My three year old wrapped a piece of foil around the cardboard tube, cut off the leftovers, taped the foil to the tube and cut out the flames from the orange and red foam. We taped a yellow strip of construction paper around the top of the tube and then taped the flames into the top of the tube. Once the torch was assembled, my daughter used the Melissa & Doug Alphabet & Number Stickers to spell out Olympics.

When creating the obstacle course, I tried to have as many events represented as possible, but ended up with a lot of Track & Field events! My daughter ran outside with the torch to the start line and got ready to go. Since she was the only child participating (our 9-month-old wasn’t interested!) she didn’t pass the torch, but held it proudly during our medal ceremony.

Our events included: stepping over hurdles (Track & Field), crawling through a tunnel, kicking a soccer ball into a bucket (Soccer), throwing water balloons (shot put) into a hula hoop (Track & Field), throwing a discus into a hula hoop (Track & Field), riding a tractor through the yard (Cycling), doing a somersault on a yoga mat (Gymnastics), picking up a “baton” and running to the finish line (Track & Field). She wore a tennis outfit to represent Tennis.

Camp Sunny Patch - Olympic Torch Game Obstacle Course for Kids
We used the whisk from our Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set as the baton.

My daughter had so much fun that she went through the obstacle course several times before stopping to throw all the water balloons into the hula hoop. The Farmer and I even got in on the action and went through the course, too!

We’d made our medals earlier in the day so when we did the medal ceremony I simply placed the gold medal around her neck and gave the silver medal to her bear. She stepped up on a bucket to mimic the podium that the Olympians stand on and held the torch while proudly waving the American flag!

Camp Sunny Patch - Olympic Torch Game Obstacle Course for Kids

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  1. you rock, sister! i’m so excited you’re an honorary counselor. and, you’re so creative! gotta love melissa & doug goodies!!

  2. I love all the events you came up with.

  3. We had SO much fun with this activity!

  4. Oh, what fun! I love the obstacles and I love her little headband. And the Melissa & Doug stickers are always a great addition to anything and everything. She looks so proud!