Camp Sunny Patch Session 10: Hit the Beach . . . Indoors!

Camp Sunny Patch Session 10 is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by Camp Counselor (and Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador) Stacy Teet.

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It’s been a busy, fun-filled summer! Our campers have painted the world, passed the torch and even completed a TRIATHLON! I don’t know about you, but after all of that I could use a vacation . . . I get the feeling my campers could too.

Time to pack the car and trek to a crowded beach? Nope–we’re bringing the beach to us!

Grab a towel, a swimsuit and some campers and join us for a day of fun in the sun, no sunscreen required.

Camp Sunny Patch Activity for Kids:Sponge Painting and a Day at the Beach

To create the beach vibe we’re going for, you’re going to need one exciting artwork and as many true-to-life props as possible. Grab your campers, some extra long paper, a few sponges (or alternatives), some blue and white poster paint and start creating your ocean waves.

Sponge Painting with Jolly Jellyfish Sinkers

Sponges, brushes or even hands will work quite nicely for this. We used our jolly jellyfish to help get our aquatic creative juices flowing, but be warned: While the kids had a great time playing with their little buddies and even painting them too, the blue paint will stain your jellyfish.

Camp Sunny Patch Activity for Kids:Sponge Painting and a Day at the Beach

There’s no right or wrong here, campers can paint till they get the effect they are going for.

Once your ocean is dry, find a nice spot to get away for the day–long hallways make great vacation spots! Hang your ocean, lay down your deep blue sea (using towels or blankets or anything you can find), add any sea creatures or accessories you can find–we even created a beach with chairs to lounge in and blocks to build “sand castles.”

Dressing up is half of the fun! Coax your campers into donning their swim gear (goggles and all!) and going on a snorkeling adventure, deep-sea dive or even a fishing expedition.

As you can see, we got really into this and had such a good time “swimming,” building sand castles and just getting away for the day . . . even if it was only in our hallway. If you Hit the Beach with your campers, we hope you’ll share with us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest by using the hashtag #CampSunnyPatch. We’d just love to see you in action!

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