More Ways to Play & Learn: Road Trip Fun around the Clock!

Road Trip Fun around the Clock
The car is packed, the tank is full, your seat belts are buckled . . . it’s time for travel games!
To keep things interesting all the way there, remember to bring along options for different times of day as well as different ages.
Daylight travel is perfect for visual activities such as Travel Bingo or Hangman, or a simple craft like Scratch Art Light Catcher Kits. (Each kit comes with a suction-cup hanger, so kids can display their artwork right on the car window—then pop it off later!)
At night, talk it up: A simple rhyming game is ideal for younger children. Big kids (and parents!) love the thought-provoking question cards in The Box Girls Family Road Trip Box of Questions and The Box Girls Trip Talk Box of Questions. (You’ll need a reading light for just a few seconds to check out the question card, but it can kick off conversations that last for miles.)
Most important: Gather everything you need ahead of time, then try to go with the flow. There are times when an organized activity is just what your passengers need to stave off boredom, and times that kids just need a little time to zone out in the car. And then there are times you just have to crank up the tunes and let loose at a family dance party. However you play, remember to buckle up, stay safe and enjoy your time together!

Melissa & Doug is all about creative play! Every toy we make is designed to inspire exploration, learning and lots of fun. As toy makers and as parents, we never stop thinking up new ways to play . . . and we love sharing them with you! We hope you enjoy a peek inside our “playbook,” which is filled with ideas for using your toys in new ways and making playtime more enriching, imaginative and joyful every day.


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