Creative Play Quick Tip: DIY Postcards Craft

Creative Play Quick Tip: Sticker PostcardsDIY Postcards Craft for Kids!

Share the fun of your “staycation” with travel-style DIY postcards full of imagination! Here’s how you can make your own custom postcards, inspired by Melissa & Doug Sticker Collections:

  1.  Cut a piece of poster board or cardstock into rectangles. (To send via U.S. Mail at the postcard rate, keep them between 3.5 x 5” and 4.25 x 6” and draw a line on one side to section off an address area. If you’ll keep them for pretend play, make them a little bigger so there’s more room to decorate!)
  2. Let the kids each pick a themed page of stickers. Then ask them to imagine a scene where they might see those objects.
  3. Working on just one face of each card, help the kids use markers and crayons to make backgrounds for the stickers, then add the stickers to complete a scene. (For instance, one artist might draw a beach where he’ll stick pirates; another might draw some leafy branches to fill with insects.)
  4. Ask the kids to describe what it would be like to visit the scene they’ve created. Encourage them to get creative! Do they have to change size or travel through time to reach their destination? Help write a note that tells the story.

Once your DIY postcards are complete, you can mail them (put them in envelopes first if they’re oversize) or use them for pretend play: Have your travelers drop them in mailboxes for each other, or lay them out in order to plan the trip of a lifetime. Then stick them in a travel journal (folded and stapled construction paper works great) to remember your amazing journey!

Have fun . . . and bon voyage!

Melissa & Doug is all about creative play! Every toy we make is designed to inspire exploration, learning and lots of fun. As toy makers and as parents, we never stop thinking up new ways to play . . . and we love sharing them with you! We hope you enjoy a peek inside our “playbook,” which is filled with ideas for using your toys in new ways and making playtime more enriching, imaginative and joyful every day.


  1. What a cute idea!!