Camp Sunny Patch Session 6: Let’s Host a Talent Show!

We’ve created and crafted, played outdoors and gotten soaked. Now we’ll let our campers really shine! We’re going to walk you through everything you need to know to host your own talent show. (Click here for a printable version.)

This activity is a great way to spend time together as a family, cool off from the summer heat for awhile, build self confidence and create some great memories!

Camp Sunny Patch Session 6: Let's Host a Talent Show

How to Host a Great Talent Show

1. Build your stage. Every great performer needs a stage! We made ours with colorful mats and added curtains and a tension rod to separate the space. (You can also tape up streamers instead or just use any entryway as the stage door.)

2. Gather all your props. We had a bin full of musical instruments (including Melissa & Doug Beginner Band Set) and a selection of magic tricks.

3. Dress the part. Keep a nice mix of costume pieces (tutus, boas, hats, gloves, capes, etc.) backstage for outfit changes between acts.

4. Draw a crowd. Talent shows are even more fun when your friends and loved ones are there to cheer you on! Wrangle up moms, dads, neighbors and friends and invite them to see the show.

5. Designate an announcer. Have one chosen performer announce all the acts and keep the audience entertained in between.

6. Tap photographers or videographers. You will want to remember this for years to come, and campers will love watching themselves in videos.

7. Start the show! Have the kids take turns putting on acts of their own invention while the grownups kick back and watch. Remember to cheer like crazy for each brave performer!

Camp Sunny Patch Session 6: Let's host a talent show

Here are some bonus tips to help your show running smoothly with kids of all ages:

Pair buddies together. Some kids will be too shy to perform on their own, but will do marvelous in a group act. Performers can let loose a bit more knowing they are on stage with friends.

Plan some comedic relief. There is sure to be one ham in your bunch, who gets on stage and finds out he loves all the attention. Darts in and out in between performances searching for a laugh. Encourage him–he just may steal the show!

Let littles join in on the fun. Even toddlers will love “playing along” with singing or dancing performances. Bonus points to campers who allow littles on stage, they’re the cutest backup dancers around.

Mother/daughter acts welcome! Or father/daughter, or aunt/nephew. . . . Encourage shy guys by joining them on stage!

This talent show was one of our highlights of the summer! Special thanks to my little campers from Maker Mama, Family Love in My City, My Tots Travel, SA Mom Blogs, Symi Goddess and Geekette Bits for making this event extra special!

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