More Ways to Play & Learn: Strike Up the Marching Band!

Strike Up the Band
Celebrate the spirit of independence by encouraging kids to march to their own beat . . . literally!
Bring out maracas, cymbals, xylophones, drums, tone blocks, bells and anything else you can find to equip your kids’ band. (Don’t forget the pots and pans! Just remember: Wooden spoons make big drum sounds; metal spoons make big headaches. . . . )
For extra inspiration, play a piece of patriotic music to demonstrate a marching beat. Or start a game of “conductor” by having the group follow direction from one band leader. Show the leader some basic hand gestures (you can make them up!) to signal louder, softer, faster and so on, then encourage him or her to get creative and see what else the band can do.
Extend play even further by adding band “uniforms,” decorating a banner and gathering an audience to watch the show go by!
Melissa & Doug has a wonderful range of instrument sets for kids to outfit your band: Check out our Beginner Band Set, Band in a Box, Recorder and Kazoo. It’s everything you need for an unforgettable rendition of Yankee Doodle!


Melissa & Doug is all about creative play! Every toy we make is designed to inspire exploration, learning and lots of fun. As toy makers and as parents, we never stop thinking up new ways to play . . . and we love sharing them with you! We hope you enjoy a peek inside our “playbook,” which is filled with ideas for using your toys in new ways and making playtime more enriching, imaginative and joyful every day.