Honor Counselor MaryLea’s Camp Journal: Icy Pirate Ships

Camp Sunny Patch Honor Counselor

Camp Sunny Patch honor counselor MaryLea describes her family’s cool experience with our Session 1 activity, an Icy Pirate Ships adventure!

Ahoy there, this is MaryLea from Pink and Green Mama! My daughters (ages 5 and 9) and I have been spending a lot of time in our backyard this summer following along with Melissa & Doug’s Camp Sunny Patch.

Icy Pirate Ships Sensory Activity and Craft for Kids

This week we made icy pirate ships inspired by Session 1’s Backyard Pirate Adventure Activity, Icy Pirate Ships.They were the perfect icy water-table activity for a hot summer afternoon. Click here for printable instructions!

Icy Pirate Boats Sensory Craft & Activity for Kids

I have to admit that we did not read the instructions properly about how to fold and tape the straws first, so we had a tricky time getting our straws taped to bowls of water! Whoops!

Icy Pirate Ships Sensory Craft & Activity for Kids

We made a few modifications: The girls wanted to add food coloring to our boats to make them a bit more colorful, and we froze some small plastic toys inside the boats as “animal pirates.” My youngest daughter loves all things pink and cat-themed so she made a couple of the boats pink and added some cats!

Icy Pirate Boats Sensory Craft & Activity for Kids

After the boats solidified in our freezer, we took them out onto our deck and gave them a quick minute in the sun to warm up a bit. They thawed just enough to easily slide out of the bowls and set sale into our water-table lagoon. We were on the lookout for sunken treasure!

Icy Pirate Boats Sensory Craft & Activity for Kids

We used colorful scrapbooking paper for our icy animal pirate ship sails. Look out! There might be some giant Jolly Jellyfish Sinkers lurking nearby trying to sink the pirate ships! I’m not too worried, they look pretty friendly.

Jolly Jellfish Sinkers Pool Toys: Sunny Patch by Melissa & Doug

It was a perfect way to cool off on a hot afternoon. We’re planning to keep some of these icy pirate ships stashed in our freezer for some bathtime play as well!

Icy Pirate Boats Sensory Craft & Activity for Kids

MaryLea of PinkAndGreenMama.com

This week’s Camp Sunny Patch honor counselor is MaryLea! MaryLea writes Pink and Green Mama, a blog where she shares more than 800 kid-friendly “craftivities.” Check it out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Honor counselors are bloggers who have embraced the spirit of Camp Sunny Patch–creativity, individuality and fun!–and put their own spin on our weekly activities in exclusive “Camp Journal” posts. Please post in the comments section to let us know your creative ideas!


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