From Melissa: My Sunny Patch Pool Toys Inspiration

From Melissa - My Sunny Patch Pool Toys Inspiration

I’ve always loved watching my kids’ personalities shine as they get into the pool. There’s the toe-tester, the graceful diver, the cannonball blaster. . . . But soon after that thrilling first jump, it was always just a matter of time before they were drifting aimless and bored, asking, “What should we do now?”

Swimming can be an amazing opportunity for physical and creative growth, as kids explore new ways to move, think and face challenges. But for a lot of kids (including mine), the wide-open possibilities of pool play can be daunting, and they are eager for ideas to get their creative wheels turning and open up new ways to play.

This was my motivation for creating Sunny Patch Pool Toys. These bright, colorful pool games,  featuring a brand-new host of friendly characters, go a long way beyond sinking and floating—they bring actual, constructive playtime to the pool, improving muscle coordination and promoting important skills (such as counting, letter recognition and matching) without seeming “educational.” Each of these products builds on the excitement of that first splash into the pool and the joy of playing outdoors, so learning, skill-building and exercise are just part of the fun!

Have you ever built a floating sandwich? Picked up a jellyfish with your elbows? Tossed colorful guppies into a shark’s mouth? With Sunny Patch Pool Toys, you can! Each game includes detailed instructions as well as extra play ideas, so there’s an activity for every personality and skill level. For example, Undersea Treasure Hunt has instructions for a race, a memory game, a balance challenge, a logic challenge and (of course) a treasure hunt!

Pool Toy Inpsiration

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Every step of the way, we sought input from parents and kids and played every game ourselves. Each piece is durably designed to be used in or out of the pool, season after season. And each one has passed one of the toughest tests there is: the scrutiny of my own children!  From the first splash of the season to the last, our pool now overflows with laughter, imagination and creativity galore. We’re thrilled to share that with you.

Melissa and Doug started their toy company 24 years ago in the garage of Doug’s parents’ house. Today, Melissa & Doug has over 2,000 products on the market! As the creative head of the company and mother of six discerning toy testers, Melissa personally ensures that each and every product has that special something—the extra “Melissa & Doug touch”—that fuels imagination, skill-building and fun like nothing else.


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