Camp Sunny Patch Session 2: Spray Bottle Freeze Tag

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CAMP SUNNY PATCH SESSION 2 is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by Camp Counselor (and Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador!) Amy Mascott.

Session 2 of Camp Sunny Patch is here! This week, we’re adding a blast of summer fun to an old favorite by adding spray bottles to the mix.

Camp Sunny Patch Session 2: Spray Bottle Freeze Tag

Required Supplies:

Spray Bottle Freeze Tag takes traditional Freeze Tag to the summertime-fun max!

Kids run around the yard, steering clear of the person who is “It,” dodging the water from his or her spray bottle. Once players are “tagged” by the water, they stay still, “frozen” until one of the other players can “unfreeze” them by crawling under the frozen player’s legs. The first person frozen three times is the next player to be “It”!

It’s fun, it gets kids moving, and it’s a great way to cool off in warmer weather.

Here’s how to play Spray Bottle Freeze Tag, in 5 easy steps:
(Click here for printable instructions)

1. Players choose someone to be “It.”

Camp Sunny Patch Session 2: Spray Bottle Freeze Tag - Step 1

2. Players run around trying not to get hit with water from spray bottle.

Camp Sunny Patch Session 2: Spray Bottle Freeze Tag - Step 2

3. Players “freeze” when they’re hit with water. Then they put their arms out in the air and call for help from their teammates!

Camp Sunny Patch Session 2: Spray Bottle Freeze Tag - Step 3

4. Other players crawl under the frozen player’s legs to unfreeze him or her.

Camp Sunny Patch Session 2: Spray Bottle Freeze Tag - Step 4

5. When a player is frozen three times, he or she is the next person to be “It”!  Play continues until the kids are beat–or soaking wet–whichever comes first!

Camp Sunny Patch Session 2: Spray Bottle Freeze Tag - Step 5

We had a blast playing with the Melissa & Doug Finney Fish Spray Bottle and the Tootle Turtle Spray Bottle. My kids were amazed at how far they shot and how much water they held. Plus, they were pretty tickled that I wasn’t asking them to spray our flowers or tomatoes and instead jumped in the Spray Bottle Freeze Tag right along with them!

If it’s a really hot day, put a sprinkler, like Melissa & Doug’s Grub Scouts Kids’ Sprinkler, in the middle of the yard so kids have some fun and crazy obstacles to run through during the game. Or give all the kids their own spray bottles and let them have a “squirt race”–spraying each other until one of them runs out of water!

Happy, happy Spray Bottle Freeze Tagging!

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