Creative Play Quick Tip: Sandbox Full of Dinos!

Creative Play Quick Tip: Sandbox Full of Dinos

Creative Play Quick Tip: Sandbox Full of Dinos

Turn your sandbox into a dinosaur hunter’s dream! Bury toy dinos under the sand and invite your little paleontologists to the big dig. You can make a map depicting where the dinosaurs are hidden, leave a trail of dinosaur “footprints” to follow, or just let your kids dig, dig, dig to their hearts’ delight! If your dino lover still hasn’t has his fill of prehistoric play, have him create a museum display of all of his finds (after they go through the “dino wash,” of course!).

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  1. I would NEVER get my daughter out of that.

  2. Linda Pardee says:

    Thats a great idea if I only had a sandbox! My grandsons would LOVE that. I need to get a sandbox!

  3. Love it!!!!