Product Sneak Peek: Box Girls Family Road Trip

Product Sneak Peek: The Box Girls Family Road Trip Box of Questions
Are we there yet? Who cares! We’ve got Box Girls to keep us laughing all the way! The Box Girls Box of QuestionsSets are filled with head-scratching, soul-searching, funny bone–tickling questions to make quality time with family and friends even better.

The very latest from The Box Girls—Family Road Trip Box of Questions—helps the miles fly by with quiz questions, game ideas and conversation starters for families. Care to kick the tires? Check out the sample questions below—your exclusive first look inside the box!

If you could write a book about this road trip, what would the title be? What would the first line be?

Complete this sentence: “I brake for ______.”

If you were captain of a cruise ship, what would you name the ship and where would you go?

Print these out to try on your next journey (even if it’s just across town!), and be sure to let us know your favorite answers in the comments section!

About The Box Girls Family Road Trip Box of Questions:
Get a discussion “rolling” with one of the 45 conversation starters, test your fellow passengers with 25 quiz cards, choose a classic road-trip game from 10 game-instruction cards, or check off the license plates you see on six paper maps. The Box Girls make car trips so much fun, you might find yourself driving out of state for groceries.

Item #5708
Ages 8+


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