5 Ways for Kids to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

5 Ways for Kids to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
  1. Learn to count to cinco. Today’s the perfect day to learn some Spanish numbers!
  2. Help make a Mexican meal. Burritos, tacos, cornbread . . .  olé! Tonight’s dinner can be a delicious Mexican feast. (Even toddlers can help with a sprinkling of queso.)
  3. Make your own piñata. A simple version can be just a paper bag filled with treats and taped closed at the opening. For a more elaborate piñata, use papier mache over a balloon and paint when dried. Then fill with treats and tape over the opening.
  4. Have a play-food fiesta. Cut out pictures of Mexican food from old magazines, draw and color your own or use our Taco & Burrito Set to  have a pretend Mexican lunch or dinner with your friends or stuffed animals!
  5. Shake a maraca. Make it a musical fiesta with the brightly-colored maracas in our Band in a Box set. Or make your own: Fill a plastic water bottle or paper cup about halfway with dried beans or rice, then seal with masking tape over the opening. Add bright paint colors if you wish!

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