5 Ideas for a Dream of a Sleepover

5 Ideas for a Dream of a Sleepover

Losing sleep over hosting the kids’ next sleepover? Consider these 5 cool sleepover ideas that kids will love!

  1. Set up camp.
    Let your child help plan where he/she and the guest will sleep. (Is there enough space in his/her bedroom, or would sleeping bags in the living room make more sense?) Then add some welcoming touches like a nice pillow, a cute cup for water and maybe an extra night light to make it a special occasion.
  2. Include a “plus one.”
    Encourage your child’s guest to bring along a doll or stuffed animal—which may make it easier to be away from home, even if it’s hard to admit. You can plan a special activity that “requires” a doll or animal, such as a doll fashion show or movie event starring stuffed animals!
  3. Have games at the ready.
    Provide a selection of two or three board games, table games or games of skill for the kids to play. Let your child select the group ahead of time so he/she can let the guest choose and be happy with any of the options.
  4. Get crafty.
    Plan a cool craft activity, such as Peel & Press Sticker-by-Numbers kits, Mess-Free Glitter or a Decorate-Your-Own project -quiet activities that can create a nice break in the middle of a long evening . . . and also act as souvenirs!
  5. Encourage chatter!
    Kids naturally want to stay up late when a friend is over. Since you probably can’t stop them even if you try, choose instead to help channel their excitement into relatively calm activities, such as reading from card sets with conversation-starters or trivia.

Which sleepover ideas will be your family’s favorites?

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