5 Indoor Creative Play Ideas

5 Indoor Creative Play Ideas
  1. Make Your Own Sock Puppet
    This is an art project PLUS an opportunity to play puppets all day long! Start with a sock that’s large enough to fit the child’s hand comfortably. Let the child try on the puppet to see where the features should go. (The thumb will be the bottom jaw, and the other four fingers will be the rest of the face.) Then remove the sock and use markers, felt, googly eyes, fabric paint and yarn to create the puppet. Let it dry and start the show!
  2. Make Your Own Puppet Theater
    Take a large, empty cardboard box and tape it closed. (Adult: Cut out the front and back panel.) Use paint, glitter, fabric, markers and crayons to decorate the puppet theater and the stage. Ta-da . . . it’s showtime! Creating the puppet theater may also inspire your child to create his very own unique story.
  3. Volcano!
    White vinegar + baking soda + water = a sensory sensation! Outside or in a deep sink, take an empty soda bottle and fill most of the way with warm water and a few drops of dish detergent. Add several drops of food coloring of your choice and then a few teaspoons of baking soda. To make the volcano erupt, slowly add some white vinegar to the mix . . . and watch out! Keep it going by adding more warm water and baking soda, then white vinegar when you want it to foam up and “explode.”
  4. Water Sensory Fun
    Use a deep plastic bin, water table or sink and fill with warm water. Roll up your child’s sleeves and give him some food coloring, a dropper, and several small containers with soap, bath crystals or shaving cream. Let the play begin!
  5. Construction Sensory Bin
    Take an empty, deep, plastic bin or shoebox and fill with one teaspoon instant coffee and then two bags of dried black beans. Let your child mix them together. The aroma of the coffee beans combined with the cool, smooth texture of the black beans makes this a very inviting sensory experience for kids. Add small construction vehicles & signs, some spoons and scoops, and let your child’s imagination create and recreate a construction zone!

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