5 Outdoor Activities Children of Different Ages Can Share

These simple outdoor activities are great for keeping kids of different ages active and entertained, while spending time together!

5 Outdoor Activities Children of Different Ages Can Share

When the warm weather starts and school breaks begin, kids of different ages can suddenly find themselves spending time together . . . and thinking, “What now?” Whether you’re having a multi-family playdate or your kids aren’t sure what they have in common with the other children in the neighborhood, these timeless outdoor activities could be the answer!

  1. Beanbag Toss: Use sidewalk chalk to draw throw lines at different distances from the target, for children of different ages. (You might even let toddlers walk up to the game and drop their bean bag in each hole, or to place their beanbag on the sticky target!)
  2. Water Play: With supplies as simple as a wide plastic bowl (or water table), a collection of cups and a garden sprinkler, older children can experiment and learn about volume and cause-and-effect, while younger kids develop fine motor skills and enjoy a cooling, sensory splash. Of course, one of the coolest things about water is that it’s used to make BUBBLES . . . Let the shimmery magical fun begin!
  3. Hopscotch: Older children can get a game going with a few sticks of chalk and play together, according to traditional directions (toss a marker into the number squares in order, hopping to pick it up each time without stepping out); younger children can take a turn tossing a marker anywhere on the game, or just hopping from square to square. Sidewalk chalk and a little imagination can take outdoor play time almost anywhere!
  4. Sand Play: No matter their skill level, children of all ages can play in the sand together! If your demo-minded toddler and architect big kid have different ideas about how to treat a sandcastle, try introducing play figures instead of building tools for a dino dig, moon landing or other imaginative play.
  5. Nature Walk & Hunt: Each person uses a pair of binoculars (real or crafted out of toilet-paper rolls) or a magnifying glass to find something in the yard. With older children, you can play a guessing game or challenge them to spot smaller objects such as a bird’s nest. Younger children will enjoy playing along, counting items in broader categories, such as trees or flowers. You can easily turn your adventure into a real game with this printable nature bingo game sheet!

What are some of your child’s favorite outdoor activities?
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