What Lessons Will Bloom in Your Child’s Garden?

What lessons will bloom in your child's garden?Memory & Sequencing: The process of planting requires gardeners to follow set steps. Your child will use memory and narrative thinking to master the process: Prepare the soil, dig the hole, plant the seed. . . .

Biology: Through direct experience your child will see a basic life cycle unfold: infancy, growth, and full bloom.

Responsibility: The care necessary to grow a successful garden is ongoing and specific. Accepting the challenge encourages accountability; sticking to it is an applause-worthy sign of maturity!

Math & Measuring: How many seeds go into each hole? How far apart should the seeds be spaced? How big is the garden? How much water do the seeds need? Math plays a part in the gardening process in a way that’s natural and engaging.

Self-Esteem: Once the garden is in bloom, your child will feel a well-deserved sense of pride. After all, what was once a patch of dirt is now a productive garden—thanks to hard work and big-kid responsibility!

Sunny Patch Gardening Toys for Kids


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