Skill Building Through Sand Play

Skill Building through Sand Play

Skill Building through Sand Play

  1. Large Motor Skills
    Large motor skills develop and strengthen as children dig, scoop, sift, and pour. The whole body can get involved in sand play!
  2. Hand-eye Coordination
    Children develop better control over their small muscles as they practice manipulating sand play toys like funnels, mills, shovels, scoops, and sifters.
  3. Social & Emotional
    Playing together in the sandbox or at the beach requires sharing, compromise, negotiation, and turn-taking. Children work together and negotiate minor conflicts as they decide what kind of pretend play scene to engage in, for how long, and what the roles will be.
  4. Math Skills
    Measuring and pouring with cups and spoons, balance scales, buckets and sand molds reinforce the basic math concepts of more and less, full and empty, heavy and light, and counting.
  5. Science Skills
    Sand is the perfect medium for exploring basic science concepts and scientific thinking. What happens when water is added? What kind of sand is best for building? Kids will naturally experiment with funnels, sand mills, filters, and other tools, making scientific discoveries along the way.
  6. Language & Pre-reading Skills
    Exercising language skills can be as simple as describing the sand, toys, and basic structures . . . or as imaginative as dreaming up and building an elaborate sand town with places to name, adventures to describe, and signs in the sand to write and read.
  7. Art & Creativity Skills
    Sand play offers children an unlimited, forgiving space in which to imagine and create. Wirth sand as their canvas, young artists or inventors may be more willing to take creative risks and try out new perspectives, knowing that a drawing or sculpture can be easily wiped out or revised with every new idea.

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