5 Fun Ways to Teach Children the Letters of the Alphabet

  1. Name Rubbings: From cardboard cut out the letters of your child’s name and glue onto construction paper. Have your child put a piece of paper over his name and use a crayon (on its side) to create a name rubbing!
  2. Tracing Letters: Use sturdy paper plates for this. With a marker write your child’s name, the name of a family member, or just letters of the alphabet on each plate. Then, give your child a marker so he or she can practice tracing what you’ve written!
  3. Find a Letter Word Search: Use a word search book and have your child circle all of the letters of his or her name that are found!
  4. Dough Letter Forming: Use clay or dough and have your child have fun shaping it into different letters of the alphabet.
  5. Magnetic Letters & Shapes: On a magnetic board provide your child with the letters of his or her name. Have your child use the magnets to write his or her name. Younger children may need more help—writing the name of the board and letting him or her then match the letters will work!

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