Val’s Crafty Corner — Exploring Form and Balance

Valerie of is a Melissa & Doug Blog AmbassadorThis toy review is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador, Valerie Deneen. Connect with your kids by playing new and fun games together!

We have been having so much FUN with a new balancing strategy game by Melissa & Doug called Suspend! What a great family game for kids ages 8 and up  — parents will definitely enjoy it too! As soon as my daughter spotted a photo of Suspend, she could not wait to give it a try!

The concept is simple: Players take turns rolling a colored die to see which colored rod to place on top of the balancing pile without knocking the rods down. So much fun!!

I love how each time Suspend is played, different scenarios are built — a really effective way to introduce kids to the concepts of form and balance. Since you only need about 5-10 minutes to play, it’s the perfect activity for my daughter to enjoy some quality time with her dad before he leaves for work in the morning.

If you play carefully, you may even end up with a unique sculpture!

I’m not sure who’s having more fun with this — my daughter, or my husband!!

Here’s a short video of Suspend…. in action!

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