5 Creative Play Ideas with Stickers

5 Creative Play Ideas with Stickers

5 Creative Play Ideas with Stickers

  1. The Neverending Story Game: All family members can participate! On a blank piece of paper, the first “player” puts a sticker down and describes the scene, beginning the story. The next “player” adds a sticker and adds to the story, continuing the general story idea. This goes on until you run out of paper, ideas or stickers! Kids love this game because it gets silly quickly, and the same sheet of stickers can be used for storytelling over and over again.
  2. Create a Story Book: Take a few sheets of regular-size construction paper and fold in half. Choose stickers with a common theme and put one or more at the top portion of each page. At the bottom of each page, help your child write a story that goes along with the stickers. Older children can write their own story. An alternate version of this is to write a few vocabulary words on each page. For example, one page might have the words “princess,” “castle” and “frog.” The next page may have “prince,” “horse” and “knight.”
  3. Make Unique Wrapping Paper or a Greeting Card: Use craft paper and add stickers for a unique and festive gift wrap. Use construction paper and add stickers for a lovely greeting card.
  4. Fill a Scene: On a piece of construction paper or copy paper, place a single sticker and ask the child to fill the remaining space with drawings inspired by that sticker. For instance, a sticker of a tiger could inspire a jungle scene, filled with trees and animals. Challenge the child to add as much color and detail as possible.
  5. Decorate a Homemade Photo Frame: Print out a favorite photo and tape onto construction paper. Use stickers to decorate the “frame.”

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  1. I love your products…..They are so Clever and innovative! My kids love them and find it difficult to share 🙂