Pinterest Contest: Pin Your Sunny Patch Favorites to Win!

Pinterest Promotion: Pin It to Win It Spring Wish List from Melissa & Doug

Puddles & Sun, It’s Spring Oh My!

Pin Your Sunny Patch Favorites and Win!

Pinterest Contest!


  1. Visit Melissa & Doug’s Pinterest Page and click “Follow All.”
  2. On your Pinterest page make a board titled “Spring Wish List.” In the board’s description tell us why you love Melissa & Doug toys. We love hearing about how your family likes to play!
  3. Pin least 10 Melissa & Doug toys to your “Spring Wish List” that your family would love to play with! Don’t let us stop you there, pin to your heart’s content! Be sure to include at least 5 pins from the Sunny Patch Outdoor Lifestyle Collection.
  4. Complete your “Spring Wish List” by midnight EST Tuesday April 3, 2012 and place its link below as a comment. Contest runs 3/20/12 – 4/03/12. Click for promotion details.
  5. How much the lucky pinner wins is up to you.
    The lucky winner will receive $50 in Melissa & Doug toys for every 50 entries we receive, up to a total of $250! So after you share the board with us, be sure to tell your friends and family to enter too!



  1. Choose one of the “pins” below.
  2. “Pin” it to a board on your Pinterest page.
  3. Bloggers, let us know if you “pin” it. We’ll give you a shout out on our facebook page!

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Puddles & Sun, It's Spring Oh My Promotion on Pinterest

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Puddles & Sun It's Spring Oh My Pinterest Promotion


Melissa & Doug  educational toys for children.


  1. What fun! Little One LOVES her Seaside Sidekicks and Sunny Patch outdoor toys by Melissa and Doug! She has quite the collection, but always has her eye on other awesome items!

  2. Penniless Teacher alerted readers’ to this KILLER Contest.

  3. Laura Miller says:

    Here is our wishlist! Ava had a ball choosing things! She already has a few!

  4. Melissa Francis says:
  5. Tristy Mallette says:
    We are so excited for all the new outdoor toys!

  7. Kim Barrett says:

    Melissa & Doug toys and Pinterest: two of my favourite things.

  8. What a fun contest! It is NOT difficult to make a wish list of Melissa & Doug toys!! Mine could go on forever!

    Here is the link to my board:

    Thank you for being so fantastic!

  9. Kimberly Williams says:

    so excited…we love Melissa and Doug Products. We have almost all the play food and tons of your craft stuff….now we’re working on outside toys!!!

  10. Well the first one didn’t work so hopefully this works…

  11. Julie OBrien says:

    this is my link. this is a great idea, thank you very much for the opportunity.

  12. Celia Husmann says:
  13. Dennise Keller says:

    Thank you for this awesome contest, we totally love your products and we are excited por the promo.

  14. Karin Balke says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!!! I love the Sunny Patch Collection! Everything my daughter loves to do outdoors! You guys nailed it again!

    Link to my Pinterest Board:

  15. We can never get enough Melissa & Doug! I wish we could get all of it for my family and for my childcare kids!

  16. Jennifer Edwards says:

    We are so excited to welcome spring and a new collection of Melissa and Doug toys!


    We are so excited to welcome Spring and a new collection of toys from Melissa and Doug.

  19. Fun contest! Our little guy loves all of his Melissa and Doug toys. Thanks for the chance to win more!

  20. So many great choices to pin. 🙂 Here is my Spring Wish List!

  21. Christine says:
  22. Thank you for this fun giveaway! Our family loves Melissa & Doug toys and the Sunny Patch characters. All 4 of our kids enjoy playing in the water, sand, and sun all spring and summer so these toys would be perfect.

    I had a lot of fun creating my Spring Wish List.
    Amie Olson

  23. melissa bailey says:

    Love the gardening tool and ball. I have little girl that is going to love that stuff. Wish we would have had it this past weekend when we put in our flower beds.

  24. Andrea Greene says:

    So many cute things to pick from!! The different sand box toys are just awesome!

  25. Michelle Suttle says: What a fun contest!!! Melissa & Doug toys are fantastic. I have bought so many for my child and we give them as gifts so often. I love the Sunny Patch stuff… too cute! My daughter will love these for playing in the yard this year and I may be able to get some garden chores done!!!!

  26. What a fun promotion. Hopefully family can get ideas for gifts from this.


    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  28. Jessica Mathews says:
  29. Cool contest. Here is my entry:


    This was a really fun way to see what’s available for outdoor play this Spring 🙂

  31. Christina says:

    My boys and I are planning a spring and summer of vegetable gardening and visiting farms! These Melissa and Doug items will help our projects extra special.

  32. Yay! finally an excuse to spend a lot of time browsing your catalog

  33. Here’s my board, enjoy!


    Can’t make up my mind with so many great toys! definitively ready for the beach with this great assorment!

  35. Michelle V. says:

    I think I’ll be pinning on this for days! What a fun contest!

  36. Love Melissa & Doug toys! Thanks for the contest!!

  37. Once again, Awesome products Melissa & Doug!

  38. Lucy Hooper says:

    I had so much fun creating my board and seeing all the new products! Here is my board:

  39. Karyne Byczkowski says:

    Thanks Melissa and Doug for such great products and the opportunity with this contest. 🙂

  41. Christin says:
  42. Heather Muir says:
  43. I love Melissa and Doug products. They are well made and have wonderful bright colors! They encourage lots of imaginative play!

  44. Jill Ash says:

    Oh, my!! I could have kept pinning all day! So much fun stuff! We love the fun, colorful, quality products by Melissa & Doug. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  45. Daily Woman says:
  46. Amy Corbet-Elsbree says:
  47. So excited! We love Melissa and Doug!

  48. Michelle M says:

    Love Melissa & Doug. We already have a lot of the Sunny Patch items so it was fun to pin a few more we’d love to add to our collection.

  49. Jessica Mathews says:

    Thanks so much for doing this Melissa and Doug!

  50. Erin Johnson-pina says:

    Awesome contest. It was so much fun pinning items from your site! Thank you.

  51. Sandra Roeder says:
  52. Heather K says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.


    What a great contest!! We absolutely love your products!!


    What a great contest! We love all of your products!!

    This was an easy wish list…my kids always love Melissa & Doug toys! The new pool toys are definitely on our wish list!

  56. huppiemama says:

    Visiting from Huppie Mama! I pinned the second image above here:

    Here’s a link to my pinterest board:

    And here is a link to my blog for the ‘Shout Out’:


  57. Jessica D. says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  58. Donna Cochrane says:
  59. Thank you for the great products and this AWESOME contest!! We’re foster parents, and we’re trying to instill as much learning as possible during the short time we have with kiddos. I keep coming back to your products over and over again.

  60. Courtney Roberts says:

    WHAT FUN!!! OMG I LOVE EVERYTHING!! Sunny Patch Outdoor Is Just Awesome Great Ideas and Fun!! I would LOVE TO GET ONE OF EVERYTHING! 😉 Thanks For the Chance!

  61. jeevon kay says:

    This is a great giveaway. My family loves Melissa & Doug products very much. Thanks for the chance. My daughter and I had fun pinning our favorites

  62. Lauren Rasor says:
  63. Nicole T says:
  64. Meghan S says:

    Well, I just finished my Easter shopping! 🙂

  65. Thanks for doing this contest…had so much fun pinning and thinking of all the fun we’ll have outdoors this summer! 🙂

  66. Amy Wright says:
  67. we love Melissa and Doug. Trunkis rule

  68. shelynn russell says:

    My grils would Love to play with this this spring.summer!

  69. what a great way to spend a half hour, making a list for my little’s upcoming 2nd birthday (on 4/27). I will for sure be sending the relatives to my pinboard and the Melissa and Doug site for gifts!
    here’s my board:
    and here’s my blog:

    always happy to help you out, M&D, you guys make every day at our house, just that much better.

  70. Chrissie Braddock says: Oh so much more I will be adding to this! Thank you

  71. Alexandra Gomez says:

    Such a great contest and an amazing line of toys! We LOVE Melissa and Doug in our household! 🙂


    Such a great contest! Melissa and Doug toys are a have in our household. 🙂

  73. I love this giveaway! I already have a few things on my kids must haves for their birthdays!

    This is my board
    Thank you!

  74. Christine says:
  75. Gorgeous items, as always. They all look so fun. Here’s my board:

  76. Just pinned/shared the contest info here –

  77. Stacie D says:

    Thanks for the promo! Now I have to go shopping!

  78. We are already enjoying this summer-like weather, but we have big plans for a veggie garden and a lot of time at the beach this summer.

  79. We are already enjoying this summer-like weather, but we have big plans for a veggie garden and a lot of time at the beach.


    My kids and I love ALL the Melissa & Doug stuff!!

  81. Zabrina S says:
  82. This was fun! Here is our Spring Wish List!

  83. my wishlist –

    so many awesome outdoor items!

  84. Jessie Reif says:

    My son loves all of his puzzles and always wants more!! I also love all the new spring outdoor stuff!!

  85. Here is my Spring Wish List! What a great contest! We could always use more Melissa and Doug toys here!!! 😀

  86. kat childress says:

    gonna pin more tonite <3 so many cool things

  87. terisa t says:
    i want my baby girl to have these!!! 🙂

  89. Maureen Rivera says:

    So much fun and so many cute toys!


    (sorry, I accidently wrote my email address wrong)

  92. We had so much fun exploring your site looking for fun toys to keep us busy as the weather warms up. Here is my Pinterest board of asome of our favorites:

  93. So much fun to shop virtually in your store! I adore your items, and would really love to get my granddaughter the stuffed Boston Terrier for her birthday in July! Here is my link to my Pinterest board:

  94. Jeni Mitchell says:
    Just getting started!!! LOVE Melissa and Doug toys.

  95. This was so much fun, I could pin the whole website!!! My daughter loves your products!!!!


    I love Melissa and Doug! Just getting my little one’s collection started. He’s my first!


    Here is my wishlist! I am just getting started on my son’s toy collection. He is six months old and my first! I love Melissa and Doug toys!

  98. I am now ready for Spring! Thanks M&D!

  99. My little one just LOVES all outdoor play! I love toys with bright colors and teaches them without them even knowing!!


    What a great contest! Good Luck everyone. We love M & D!!

  101. Christie Pham says:

    I am absolutely in love with the sand cupcake set! My one year old already owns dozens of Melissa and Doug toys. I had way too much fun pinning some new items and a few of my most favorite ones!

  102. Yolanda Secos says:

    Thank you for the contest! We love your products!

  103. Yolanda Secos says:

    Thanks! Love your products!

  104. heres my wish list i will send all i can next door from tatts and tunes that have kids…lol

    i love this cute little store … its right next to my husbands tattoo studio…there is so much stuff in there id love to get kassandra .. i could start now and continue gettin stuff for her there til … well theres no age limit… she would love the gardening stuff and bubbles and much more

  105. Hope to win love Melissa & Doug toys for my classroom.


    Had a lot of fun pinning your products!

  107. Katie Wood says:
  108. Alina Browne says:
  109. marie gibbons says:

    I had to pin stuff we already bought from the Sunny Patch Line (just ordered a ton of stuff…but it won’t arrive for a few weeks). So many other cute things out there too! Love M&D!

  110. Nikki Hamilton says:

    Too many products to choose from!

  111. Tracy Gonzalez says:
    Being a good grandma includes being a fun house to visit! Must have good, fun, safe toys for all seasons!

  112. Rebecca Dula says:
  113. laurettabear says:

    My son would have so much fun with all these Melissa and Doug toys – what great educational toys!

  114. Sharon Kennedy says:
  115. Melissa Warren says:

    I let my daughter pick out what she liked. Really, she liked everything!

  117. – So many awesome products. We’ll take one of each please 🙂

  118. Lyndsay Daniels says:
  119. Chelsea LaMarche says:

    We love Melissa & Doug toys!!!

  120. Michelle Watts says:
  121. Deanna Lovecchio says:
    I love Melissa & Doug products!

    So many good toys we hadn’t even seen yet!

  123. Tiffany Torres says:

    Thanks Melissa & Doug! My son and I love your products!


    Our grand-littles LOVE Melissa & Doug toys (and so do we!) What a wonderful contest! Thank you.

  125. Tracy Stuhler says:

    My kids are HUGE fans of Melissa & Doug!!

  126. Sabrina Mockewich says:

    I would love to have everything!! But then my house would have no room for anything else 🙂


    Such a great contest! Thank you!

  128. Danielle says:
  129. Debbie Brynteson says:
  130. Catrina Hare says:
  131. Pamela Reed says:
    Cant wait to go and buy some stuff for the girls easter basket.

  132. We have always love Melissa and Doug products! Like being able to have puzzles and toys that are not plastic whenever possible, thanks for making such great products!

  133. Melissa and Doug Toys are our absolute Favorites! We use them everyday for Tot School!

  134. Elizabeth C says:
  135. Melissa Mayse says:

    We love all Melissa & Doug Toys!

  136. Valerie Nani says:

    What a fun contest! I enjoyed creating my board!

    Thank you!

  137. Rama Gian T. Camit says:

    So lovimg all of yoye Sunny Patch toys! Hope our wish list comes true! 🙂

  138. Woo hoo!! Yay for Spring and Melissa & Doug!!

  139. My wish list for my grandkids! I want to spend the next few months with them playing with all these toys!

    fastkat at gmail dot com

  140. kelly ellison says:

    I love everything you have, wooden toys are so great and you have lots of fun, fantastic things.


    We love all the Melissa & Doug products we have! Great pretend play and arts & crafts. Your products keep my children busy the longest… We love them! I can’t wait to add more to the collection!

  142. We love all your toys! We had a blast just “pinning” the toys! I can’t imagine how fun it will be when we purchase a few! Thanks!!

  143. That was a lot of fun (and a good start to the birthday wish list!) 🙂

  144. Thanks for making fun quality toys!

  145. jennifer capin says:
  146. Elaine C. says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!!! We’re big Melissa & Doug fans! I can foresee several hours spent building our list!

  147. Melissa and Doug always have such quality toys. I love that I can search for Toys by Skill. We love the Sunny Patch Garden Tote Set. It comes with very sturdy handheld tools, which is a must. When buying toys online without actually being able to handle the item; I can always count on Melissa and Doug to quality toys and art supplies.

  148. Here is my wishlist. Great contest!

  149. Sarah Eiley Cowherd says:

    Our family loves Melissa and Doug! fun!

  150. Victoria McPhail says:

    Our pin it to win it page! Thanks Melissa and Doug!

  151. lovin’ the chance to ‘pin it to win it’! we <3 melissa & doug! such a great company with amazing customer service! :O)

  152. Thank you for the chance, I love Melissa & Doug toys!

  153. My 1st comment didn’t show up – trying again! 🙂

  154. Kristina says:

    What a fantastic giveaway… just in time for outdoor play! We have two little ones, and another on the way, and we absolutely LOVE to play with Melissa & Doug toys!

  155. I’d enjoy playing with some of these things as much as the grandkids would!

  156. What a fun time we would have!

  157. jeannine s says:
  158. Heather S. says:
    We would LOVE to win more Sunny Patch toys. My girls love their bags, sand molds, hats, frisbees, and most of all their beach buckets!

  159. Melissa & Doug are the best! We could have put all the toys on our board!


    I love your toys, not only at home, but in the classroom as well.

  161. we love your toys! TONS TONS TONS..they keep as busy and happy

  162. FINGERS CROSSED! we love your toys! we want all!xoxoxox

  163. Briana N. says:

    This was so fun! I could shop at your site for hours!

  164. Yay Melissa and Doug!

  165. So my wife asked me to pin this to my pinterest….and as I was looking through M&D’s products…I started finding tons of turtle stuff!! I LOVE TURTLES…and am extremely excited to find so many turtle items I can get for my kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. I pinned it , blogged it and tweeted it.

  167. My link and entry thanks Melissa &Doug!!

  168. Paula Wood says:
  169. I pinned it! And love all the sunny patch toys!!
    Here’s my link!

  170. Alycia Splane says:

    I pinned my board!! Love the sunny patch collection. My daughter loves her rake and shovel.

  171. Brittany Kosbab says:

    I loved making my Spring Wish List Board. Love your toys!


    I HAVE to find those turtle plates, cups, etc… LOVE THEM!

  173. Lisa Christoffersen says:

    I have been a fan of Melissa and Doug toys for years (giving as gifts) and now that I finally have my own little girl I can’t wait for her to grow into everything! I’ve already started “Collecting” hehe…winning the pin it contest would just make this more fun!!

  174. N. Riley says:

    Lots of cute stuff for summer bdays!

  175. liz217304 says:
    Very cute stuff! Can’t wait to go shopping at the Dallas Kids Expo tomorrow!

  176. liz217304 says:
    Love the new items! Can’t wait for warmer weather!


    Can’t wait to dig in the dirt and sand!!

  178. Paige Bowser says:
  179. Kelsey Reis says:

    love Pinterest and Melissa and Doug! What a great combination! (:

  180. Fun Contest! Thanks M&D 🙂


    Would love to win some of your awesome toys for my kids!

  182. Natalia Bohoslawec says:

    I LOVE Melissa & Doug… Awesome toys!!! The puzzles withe the huge knobs are my favorite.

  183. Love this idea… and shopping without shopping is very freeing! I’m so keeping this pin board as a wish list type of thing to share with my friends/family who want to get stuff for my kids at birthdays or Christmas. Thanks,

  184. Ashley Woods says:

    Can’t wait for it to warm up here in the PNW so we can get out and play with the fun spring toys more often!

    Our daughter loves your products! She is too busy playing to realize she is learning!

    This was TOO fun…can’t wait to get some of your new products! 🙂

    This was TOO fun! I can’t wait to order some of your new items! Thanks for the contest! 🙂

    This was TOO fun! I can’t wait to order some of your new items!

  189. Thanks for the fabulous promotion/giveaway! We already have such fun with a couple of the Sunny Patch toys, can’t wait to try a few more! We love Melissa & Doug toys!

  190. Andrea Hazlewood says:
  191. Heather Brooks says:

    So exciting! We love Melissa & Doug toys!!!

  192. I could get lost making a list of the Melissa & Doug items that I want. (Errr….my daughter wants.)

  193. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    Here is a link to my board:



    Like I need an excuse to look at the awesome toys from Melissa and Doug!!!

  195. Such a fun contest to enter! Loved the excuse to go virtual shopping! Thanks!


    I just saw the gardening tote at Barnes and Noble, so adorable! I hope we win!

  197. Amanda Roberts says:

    here’s my link for the giveaway!! thanks

  198. I love Melissa and Doug toys.

    We love Melissa and Doug toys!

  200. patti stewart says:
  201. Amy Eagles says:

    My daughter would love all of these toys!

  202. We have been searching for the Cameleon watering can and are so delighted to find it in our favorite online store. Looking forward to collecting the new pieces for all of our summer adventures,

  203. That was fun to do, win or lose!

  204. Bonnie Dyer says:

    I love your new items! The turtles are super cute!!

  206. Laurra Shughart says:

    I will be a first year teacher come August and I love the creative play that Melissa and Doug toys bring to the early elementary classroom! I am in the process of “collecting” educational games and learning materials for my future classroom and love that I have Melissa and Doug toys as an excellent option to help my students have fun while they learn and explore the world around them. The Melissa and Doug toys, games, and activities are fabulous because they spur creativity and active imaginative play in the lives of children. I know that any Melissa and Doug toy or activity will be a fabulous addition to my kindergarten classroom!

  207. I hope to win!

    I also choose pin #2

  208. We love Melissa & Doug toys (we only have two, but they are played with a lot!) and are hoping to use some sunny patch items for outdoor play this spring!

  209. Yay! So excited for summer toys!

  210. Megan Weber says:
  211. jennifer jones says:
    I just started added things to my daughters list buctut there is so many things! I have always loved melissa & doug products


    The toys we picked would make our spring and summer so much fun!

  213. Renee Boone says:
  214. emmalee Taylor says:

    When i purchase a Melissa & Doug product i know i am buying a quality toy that will last well beyond my daughter. I know i wont have to worry about recalls and unsafe playing. My daughter loves playing with her Melissa & Doug toys over her boring plastic toys. thank you so much for the quality and reassurance you give all your customers

  215. Melissa Lorenzi says:

    Love Melissa&Doug toys and can’t wait to use them in my classroom when I start teaching 🙂

  216. Jackie Viste says:

    Love Melissa and Doug products!!! Fun contest!! 🙂

  217. this was great…so many awesome toys we want or want more of….My MOLLIE loves the Mollie stuff…

  218. Kristina Bennett says:

    A lot of great products! My youngest daughter’s name is Isabella, but we call her Bella and her room is done up in butterflies! Naturally, I love all of the Bella the butterfly products!

  219. Jennifer Idzi says:

    What a great idea! I never thought about a toys board. But now that I started one I’ll probably make another. But I’ll keep this one for *just* Melissa & Doug toys because they are our favorite (and I’m not just sayin’ that! 🙂

  221. The Big Picture Calgary says:
  222. Here is the link to my Spring Wish List! Thanks Melissa & Doug!!

  223. Christy Grimsbo says:

    LOVE Melissa & Doug toys! 🙂

  224. Kristin Cruz says:

    Whoops. I posted my link in the comments of your Facebook post! Sorry for posting twice, but I want to make sure I post in the correct place!

  225. momontheedgemel says:
  226. Here is mine. Lots of cool toys for Spring and Summer!

  227. Thanks for hosting yet another great giveaway contest! I had a blast pinning to my heart’s desire, haha! I should have just pinned the link to your entire website with the caption: everything you see here!

    Here is my link:

    Thanks again!

  228. Stacey R says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!
    Here’s my Pinterest link:

  229. So fun! Realized I’m not ready for spring! fingers crossed for shopping help
    here is my entry~

  230. We love the sand & pool toys already. The kids helped me pick a few things we don’t have. We always need more puzzles, sticker sets and crafts too. Always their favorite!

    Here are our picks so far:

  231. I am so excited! I love this contest! Here is mine!

  232. The summer sand and water toys bring back memories.

  233. The summer sand and beach toys bring back memories.

  234. Wonderful contest! Here’s my spring wish list:

  235. Great contest! Here’s my spring wish list:

  236. gjprasad says:

    LOVE all of M&D products. Wish we can have one of each item ever! Esp from the sunny patch collection. here are my pins 🙂

  237. gjprasad says:

    not sure if my post went thru. here are my pins for my fav items

  238. I love Spring and can’t wait to take our favorite Melissa & Doug toys outside!!

  239. I love Spring and I know the little one will be glad to stretch out outdoors!! Can’t wait to take our favorite Melissa and Doug toys with us!

  240. Haven Jones says:

    This is a great opportunity to help make my 2 daughters summer coming up one to remember!

    Thank-you Melissa and Doug!

  241. Rosey Little says:

    Love all your toys! Hope I win!

  242. Thanks so much for the chance to win! We love M&D toys, especially all of the outdoor toys!

  243. Heather Brown says:

    My link:

    Ooooo….so many amazing products!

  244. Candy Wener says:

    Thank you Melissa and Doug for such wonderful and creative toys.

  245. Thanks for all the great giveaways! Melissa & Doug toys are the best!

  246. We have lots of Melissa and Doug inside toys, but no outside toys! Love the sand ones! Here’s our picks so far:

  247. We have lots of Melissa and Doug inside toys, but no outside ones! Here’s our pics so far:

  248. So many cute and fun things for spring!

  249. Great promotion, we love Melissa and Doug over at! Here is our board!:

  250. Thanks for holding the giveaway! You have AWESOME toys!! Here is my spring wish list! 😀 Good luck to all!

  251. Kim Barrett says: (As if I need an excuse to have a Melissa &Doug Wish List!)

  252. what an awesome contest!! here is my list!!

  253. Nelly Rodriguez says:

    We love your toys! Already own quite a few from the Sunny Patch line…they are so cute and the kids LOVE them! Here’s our board…

  254. Such a fun contest! We love the Melissa & Doug selection – always so much to choose from! My girls really love the beach toys…can’t wait to get them out next month!

  255. joy person says:

    Love Melissa and Doug products!!!!

  256. What an awesome contest and so much fun too!!

  257. Angela Zuniga says:
  258. Sunny Patch is popular with my four year twin boys. We have flip open sunglasses and flip flops that are a big hit.

  259. Christy Marez says:
  260. Shauneen Mc Nair says:

    Another amazing contest from a great company!! Here is my contribution. You can be sure I will just keep adding it as a Melissa and Doug wish list.

  261. Kristy Karrels says:

    This is great! Love your toys!

    Love Melissa and Doug products!

  263. Melissa Carter says:
  264. My girls and I had so much fun looking through the website together, pinning things for the spring time wish list.

  265. I made a Melissa & Doug Spring Wishlist Pin board (with help from my 2-year-old):

  266. I love Melissa and Dougs toys cause they bring fun to the children in healthy fun toys

  267. Cara Ramirez says:

    We love all of the toys but here is what my daughter and I chose.

    I love this contest

  268. Sarah-Lynne Carrara says:

    I’ve started the wish list, I’ll be adding more Melissa & Doug things to the wish list. 🙂

  269. Cara Dube says:

    I would love love to win!!!!! I buy Melissa and Dough whenever I can!

  270. Nikki Barbre says:

    How fun! I just enjoyed making the list… At 8 months old, he loves his froggy ball. Chases it around the room, rolls it back and forth with Dad or Mom… I can’t wait to get him more Melissa & Doug toys. Next endeavor= puzzles!

  271. Kathryn says:

    My granddaughters love all their Melissa & Doug toys!!

  272. Melly Shepherd says:

    My baby girl helped choose the items she would love to have! 🙂

    Many thanks for creating affordable, and cute toys for our children.

    Thank you, Melissa and Doug! 🙂

  275. Jodi Brown says:
  276. Ashleigh says:

    I love M&D toys! Both at home and in my classroom!

  277. Erin N. says:

    Thank you Melissa and Doug! I hope I win!

  278. DonnaMarie Currier says:
  279. SUMMER PLEWES says:
  280. Kim Johnson says:

    I love the new spring stuff… my daughter just saw my board… she said, “Mom, I need that, and that, and that….” 🙂
    Here’s my pinterest board. would LOVE to win some of these great items.


    Thanks Melissa and Doug, great contest!

  282. Emily Callahan says:

    Melissa and Doug Toys are my son’s favorite 🙂

  283. sarah boudreaux says:
  284. whitechocolatecherries says:
  285. Kim Barney says:
  286. We love Melissa and Doug products in our house!!

  287. Jessica Bradley says:
    Here’s my link, I hope I win!!
    Thanks Melissa and Doug for the giveaway and for the great products!!

  288. lauriesibley says:

    what a fun idea! and now I want everything on my board…

  289. Kelly Kriefall says:
  290. We LOVE Melissa and Doug. Our boys have a collection of their food and puzzles so far, but loving the new spring and summer toys. Put lots of stuff on the boys’ birthday lists as well already 🙂 We always get M&D for gifts for our friends.

    Thanks for another great promo! Fantastic value especially for the quality of the toys.


    So much fun! We LOVE the quality and value of Melissa and Doug’s toys. I already put several of the spring and summer collection on the boys’ birthday lists. We also love to give M&D as gifts to our friends children.
    Thanks for providing such a quality and FUN product line!

  292. What a wonderful giveaway! I had fun dreaming. 🙂

  293. So much cute stuff in the spring line!
    My board is at:

  294. Bernadette Smith says:

    For our granddaughter’s birthday on March 31, we got her the Bella Butterfly chair, rainboots, butterfly net and bug catcher. She adores them 🙂 My Pinterest board is at

  295. I could go crazy with this! Love all your products.

  296. We love Melissa and Doug! We also live being outdoors and getting our hands dirty!

  297. Here’s hoping I win! Would love to buy some of these for Ava

  298. Carolyn Shank says:
  299. is my pinterest board! It’s so hard to choose toys! I wish there was just a select all button!

  300. Kathryn says:

    Love this, thanks for the chance to win some great products!

  301. Take a look at my bright & happy Melissa & Doug board!


  302. Karen Waters says:

    So much to pin, so little time! Love all of your products!

  303. richard morris says:

    my wishlist for the kids can be found at

  304. Margaret says:

    I have been meaning to pick up a few items and this was a great way to remind me what I wanted. Maybe some goodies for the easter basket!

  305. Sarah B says:

    We love Melissa and Doug! Thanks for the chance to win!

  306. I love the Melissa and Doug toys for my son to play with!

  307. JennieK says:

    What a fantastic new collection of fun things. I love Melissa and Doug toys!

  308. Mellisse Fiore says:

    We love Melissa and Doug toys over here. They are always are first “go-to” for gift giving. The quality is great for kids toys. Our favorites so far have been all the wooden food. It is such a treat compared to the cheap plastic stuff found elsewhere. Knowing my daughter gets to use her imagination with all the toys on the site is the best feeling of all. It allows her to be a kid and explore so much creativity.

  309. Katie Carey says:

    Here is our wish list we are big fans! Can’t wait to get outside to play with some of these new toys!

  310. Olivia M. says:

    I hope we win, my son would adore this stuff! It was fun dreaming about all this stuff though!

  311. Lauren Russo says:

    We love Melissa & Doug toys! Here is my pin board!!

  312. lmorin414 says:

    We LOVE Melissa & Doug! Can’t wait to add more to our collection. Thanks for the fun, educational & cute toys!

  313. asia moore says:
  314. My Fingers are crossed!!!
    Love Melissa & Doug and so do my 3 girls!!!!

    and my list has only just begun!!

  315. Absolutely Love Melissa & Doug products. Amazing quality and creativity. All around the best products out there.


    Here is our Birthday Wish List

  317. Here is our Spring Wish List. My little ones could add things all day. I know Melissa and Doug will keep them busy this summer with toys we can count on to hold up and be fun to use with their imaginations. We will keep purchasing and asking for M&D for years to come.

  318. lmorin414 says:

    LOVE Melissa & Doug! Thanks for the fun, educational & cute toys!

  319. Gabrielle Ellwanger says:

    We love Melissa and Doug! Almost everything I bought my kids for Christmas last year was Melissa and Doug! (And then I donated all the cheap plastic stuff!! Now everyone is happy:)

  320. Lara Koon says:
  321. Linda Karpolorich says:

    Hope the Easter Bunny brings our house some M&D stuff!

  322. What a great contest! Love all of the new toys available.

  323. Thank you so much for this opportunity – your toys are the best!!! My daughter who is 9 months and she loves your puzzles and play food!! I cannot wait to add more of your toys to her collection as she grows!!!

  324. Oops forgot to post my link in the actual post part to here it is!

    Absolutely LOVE your toys. Just got in the latch puzzle and the bear basic skills board and my toddler loves them.

  326. Keara Thornton says:
  327. This is an awesome chance at helping a child with some colorful, and fun learning toys! Thank you for the opportunity!


    My son would love this ! hes 2 years old and your toys are amazing ! <3 Thanks for the chance !

  329. Roseann B says:
    what a great contest! Cant wait to pick some of these up for the kids. The Easter bunny will sure spoil them with the sunny patch collection!

  330. Wendy Pruitt says:

    Loved to see this giveaway/promotion for Melissa and Doug products on pinterest. Love pinterest and my kids love the Melissa and Doug toys!

  331. Gemma Hale says:
  332. Hoping to win some awesome backyard stuff for my boys and their first spring and first full summer season with a back yard to explore in!


    theres so much more i would love but my nap time is going to be over soon!! love these toys 🙂


    Doing it now! Super excited about this!!!!

  335. Tracy Moore says:
  336. Cheryl D'Angelo says:

    I know I probably won’t win but I’d be sooooooooooooooooo excited if I ever DID win this, took me a long time to make, but here is my link


    My daughter finally mastered her first big knob 3 piece puzzle yesterday, looking forward to lots of fun to come this season!

  338. cromera says:

    It doesn’t get any better than a Melissa and Doug giveaway!

  339. Nicole K. Licklider says:

    Thank You Melissa & Doug for being a familiar in our home for THREE years now! Our daughter has enjoyed your toys since day ONE!

  340. Ashley Price says:

    Here is our list of Spring Wishlist! I could pin all day if I could!

  341. Joan Thompson says:

    How exciting! We love Melissa and Doug!

  342. Brandy Norman says:
  343. Oh my gosh, now I really need to win this contest! SO many great toys that HAVE to be added to our home!!!

  344. Love everything I have purchased so far! Keep the great toys coming!

  345. Jen Ketcher says:
  346. cnuland says:

    Here is my list! And that’s just my wish list for the next year or so! LOL

  347. Livia Briar says:
  348. Julie Stolberg says:
  349. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for this contest! We love your toys so much!


    Melissa and Doug products are the best!! They really are very well made and they inspire the kids to be creative!

    Thanks for this contest!

  351. Here is my link! This teacher & mom of 3 under 4 LOVES everything Melissa & Doug!!!!!

  352. Thank you so much for this opportunity. We love Melissa and Doug products because they are built to last and are an American made product which you hardly ever see anymore. My kids love playing with all of their products and have learned so much since purchasing them. I love how the company treats its customers like family and that they offer so many prizes and sweepstakes. I have never seen a company that has been so loyal to their customers and fans. Keep up the great work Melissa and Doug. We love you!


    I’ve been planning to get some Melissa and Doug Toys for my daughter for homeschool.



  355. THANK YOU for the chance to win!!! My kids LOVE your toys, and so do i! I taught daycare for 13 years. Melissa and Doug were my go-to faves for their durability and how they inpire the kids imagination SO WELL!!! LOVE the summer stuff!!!!

  356. We Love Melissa and Doug! I adore the puzzles probably more than my Toddler.

  357. omg i love melissa & doud’s toys my children have and at the same time learm how awesoeme is that


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