Val’s Crafty Corner: Farm Blocks + Sidewalk Scenes

Valerie is a Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador
This fun and educational activity is brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador, Valerie Deneen. Enjoy playing outdoors with this fun activity for Spring!

Sometimes a little change of scenery is all it takes to make an old toy seem like new again. That’s exactly what happened with our Farm Blocks Set, which the kids have had for quite some time, when we took it outside and added a bit of sidewalk chalk!

sidewalk scene

The chalk allowed the kids to create instant sidewalk scenery. It didn’t take long for the pigs to have plenty of “mud puddles” to enjoy, the cows went out to the “meadow”, and the horses took lovely strolls out to the “pond” for a good drink.

sidewalk scene

At one point the pond froze over, and one of the horses even knew how to ice skate! It was great fun to watch the kids’ imagination come to life with creative storytelling and problem solving — all while enjoying some fresh air outdoors!

sidewalk scene

One troublesome cow kept jumping over the fence and getting stuck in the mud — it was a good thing the tractor was there to pull her out! Then it was time to build a higher fence…

sidewalk scene

Have fun!!

Do you have any tricks to make old toys seem like new? We’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment, and share your ideas with us!

Valerie Deneen is a Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador and the author of Inner Child Fun where she inspires parents to spend more quality time with their kids, and less money doing it. Inner Child Fun celebrates simple pleasures for all ages — with more than 1,000 frugal and creative projects that are sure to bring out the “kid” in you too! You can follow Valerie on Twitter, or say “Hi” to her on Facebook!

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  1. Dear Valerie,

    It is uncommon knowledge, but horses, like penguins, are excellent ice skaters.