UPDATE: New Winners Announced (was:The Following Fans Have Unclaimed Prizes!)

UPDATE 8/30/11:

All forfeited giveaways have been redrawn and the winners have been notified.

New winners:

UPDATE 8/29/11:
The Following Prizes Have Been Forfeited:

Chunky Scene Fantasy Castle
Fantasea Jigsaw Puzzle
Longfellow Tiger
Speck Seahorse Ice Cream Sand Play Set
Slice & Scoop Sundae
Play Food Donuts
Bubble Fun Set
Decorate-Your-Own Yo Yo
Kitchen Accessories Set
Stamp & Sort Mailbox

We will be choosing new winners tonight from the existing entries.


Don’t Let Your Prizes Get Away!

The right to your prize expires at midnight 8/26/11 and new winners will be chosen UNLESS you contact us before then!

To contact us and claim your prize:


Gail Simon – Chunky Scene Fantasy Castle
Breann Erwin – Fantasea Jigsaw Puzzle
Ashley Ladd – Longfellow Tiger
Teri Ann Myers – Speck Seahorse Ice Cream Sand Play Set
Crystal Bailey Summerlin – Slice & Scoop Sundae
Junie Jones – Play Food Donuts
Penney Meadows – Bubble Fun Set
Joelyn Metzler – Decorate-Your-Own Yo Yo
Elizabeth Dover – Kitchen Accessories Set
Jessica Melton DeVol – Stamp & Sort Mailbox

To see the original message we sent to you, go to your Facebook Page and click on “Messages”.  It will be from Christine Brown directly in “Messages” or under “Messages” and then “other”.