Fan Photo with Our Pattern Blocks!

From time to time our fans twitter or email us great photos of their littles ones with our toys! We absolutely love these photos and thought we’d share one with you today.

A Fan of Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks

This is Declan, a Fan of Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks

This adorable little one is proud of the boat he just made with our Pattern Blocks. With 120 brightly colored wooden shapes, using our provided patterns or making a design all your own, our pattern blocks are great fun for children.

Pattern blocks can be used in a number of ways for extended play.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Create a series of blocks in a row that make a pattern. Ask the child if they can recreate the same series. You can make this easier or harder by using only 2 or 3 blocks vs. using 5 or more blocks.
  • Ask your child to sort the pattern blocks by color. Can he/she name the colors? How many shapes can he/she name?
  • Ask your child to make a unique design without using the patterns provided!

Have another way to play with pattern blocks? Let us know by commenting!


If you have a photo of your child playing with a Melissa & Doug toy and you’d like to share it with us – and all of our blog readers – please send it to our twitter account @MelissaAndDoug or email it to us at with the subject “Photo for Your Blog.”

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and seeing some great pics!