NEW! Play Food Fruit & Veggie Sets

play food

Enhance imaginative play with our NEW fruit and vegetable play food sets! What’s a grocery store without a colorful produce section? Now you can have a great assortment of healthy pretend play fruits and vegetables, to add to the play value of your lemonade stand, grocery store, pretend pantry, or farm!

Play-Time Veggies

Molded from real fruits and vegetables, each realistic play food set will add great visual and creative play appeal to your child’s pretend market, lemonade stand, or kitchen!

Made of durable plastic, these play fruits and vegetables will bring bushels of fresh fun to children’s pretend recipes and play stories!

Combine your play food with our Lemonade Stand / Grocery Store:
Lemonade Stand with Child - Play Food
Simply spin the awning around, and your Lemonade Stand  becomes a Grocery Store:

Grocery Store with Child - Play Food

Enjoy countless ways to play!

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play foodPlay-Time Vegetables
play foodPlay-Time Fruit
Lemonade and Grocery Stand - Play FoodGrocery Store / Lemonade Stand