NEW! Make & Serve Apple Pie Play Food

Make & Serve Apple Pie
Presenting Apple Pie as easy as 1-2-3-4! With four easy steps, your little chef will be proud to assemble and present this All-American dessert sensation! Place the bottom crust in the pie plate, fill with the apple slices, then put the top crust into place…”bake” and serve…easy as pie! The set comes with all the ingredients, an oven mitt, wooden knife, pie server and the pie plate.

Extended Activities:

  • Ask the child to make one extra-stuffed piece of apple pie by stacking the apple slices on top of each other. Count each apple slice as it is put into place. Place a top crust piece on the apple slices and serve to someone special.
  • Ask the child to cut the apple into slices with the wooden knife while counting to the number four. Now ask the child to place an apple slice on each of the pie slices, and count to four once again.
  • Count the pie slices with the child while guiding them through subtraction problems.  For example, you might say, “If you take one pie slice away from these four pie slices, how many are left? Four take away one is three! What if we take away two pie slices?” Encourage addition skills by adding pie slices. This can also be repeated to introduce fractions.
  • Ask the child to place an apple slice inside one of the four pie slices, and then cover all four with the top crust pieces. Shuffle the pie slices with the child watching. Ask the child to  guess which slice has the apple contained inside it.
  • Ask the child to tell a story about the use of the apple pie she/he is making. Is there a special party, holiday or event where it will be served?

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What other fun ways do you think you could play with this toy? Please leave your comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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  2. It always gives me great pleasure to see how much my kids enjoy playing tea time with their little tea sets and then making delicious feasts with all the vegetable and cooking utensils they have in their toy sets. This pie would be a welcome addition to their growing pantry.

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  1. […] the holiday, we offered Zoe, my partner’s playful three year old niece the Make & Serve Apple Pie Play Food by Melissa and Doug. The food, i.e. the apple slices, the bottom and top crusts as well as the oven […]