Giant Stuffed Animals Go On Safari

Love giant stuffed animals? So do we! Melissa & Doug carries over 30 stuffed animals including these Jungle Plush Animals: Giraffe, Tiger, Lion, White Tiger, Elephant, Zebra and Cheetah. Each of these jungle themed animals has a sturdy wire frame underneath, covered with super-soft plush!

Here’s a fun way to play with our  Safari themed Stuffed Animals:

Have a parent set up these giant plush animals throughout the house and you’re on an instant stuffed animals safari! Start with a “safari guidebook” that you create. In your guidebook draw each of these animals and write something about where they might be found, for example, near water, in a tree, etc. Then, take your guidebook with you on your stuffed animals safari, checking off each animal as you find it!

While on safari, use your binoculars to find the animals as you slowly make your way through heavy brush and rough terrain. Whoa, it’s a baby elephant and over there and a giraffe by the couch! Keep looking until you find them all! It’s such fun checking room to room and then finding that last animal!

Featured Giant Stuffed Animals:

Which safari friend is YOUR favorite?

Please comment below with other fun ways you’ve found to play with our giant stuffed animals!


  1. Very cool idea. And you have a very cool product!

  2. How about you spread all of the animaks out in the living room when you have friends over. Tell your friends we are going to have a scavenger hunt . Let your friends take turns hiding this animals through out the house. make a list. Example: Tiger: 10 points. Whoever gets the most pionts wins and gets to play with the stuffed animal that they like.

  3. The safari idea is definitely a great way for our little ones to learn while having fun at the same time. Every child loves huge stuffed animals!

  4. These are very life like. I purchased the lion for my daughter’s birthday and she absolutely loves it.

  5. is there no black jaguar/panther? Id love one!