Top 10 Melissa & Doug Toys from 2009

10. Ice Cream Parlor

9. Birthday Party

8. Band in a Box

7. Tool Kit

6. Sandwich Making Set

5. Pizza Party

4. Food Groups

3. Cutting Food

2. Deluxe Floor-Standing Wooden Easel

1. Slice and Bake Cookie Set


  1. How cool are those Slice and Bake Cookies, I just bought them from My kids love them! They are perfect for their kitchen and are so different from the normal pots and pans.

  2. Juliana Millan says:

    That birthday cake toy is very cool and perfect for a birthday present.

  3. these have been recalled because of toxic paint.

  4. Boy have we gotten milage out of a bunch of these toys. The cake, cookies and ice cream are HUGE hits around here and played with DAILY. The food groups and cutting food are a great staple to have (and good alternative to all the sweets – ha!) and used so much as well. Thanks so much for the great imaginative play items!